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Plattform Administration

addfru Add a Field Replaceable Unit (FRU), PSU,FAN,PANEL or Systemboard
clockboard Set or display the clock control unit used at system startup
deletefru Delete a Field Replaceable Unit (FRU)
flashupdate Update the firmware
fmadm Fault management configuration tool
fmdump View fault management logs
fmstat Report fault management module statistics
ioxadm Manage External I/O Expansion Units
prtfru Display FRUID data on the system
rebootxscf Reset the XSCF
replacefru Replace a field replaceable unit (FRU) PSU,FAN,Panel,Systemboards or XSCF
resetdateoffset Reset the time subtraction between XSCF and the domain
setaltitude Set the altitude of the system
setarchiving Configure the log archiving functionality
setaudit Manage the system auditing functionality
setdate Set the date and time of XSCF
setdualpowerfeed Set dual power feed mode
setlocale Sets the default locale of the XSCF
setlocator Control the blinking of the CHECK LED on the operator panel
setpowerupdelay Set the warm-up time of the system and wait time before system startup
setshutdowndelay Set the shutdown wait time at powerinterruption of the ninterruptible power supply (UPS)
settimezone Set the time zone and Daylight Saving Time of XSCF
showaltitude Display the altitude state of the system
showarchiving Display log archiving configuration and status
showaudit Display the current auditing system state
showautologout Display the session timeout time of the XSCF shell
showdate Show the date and time of XSCF
showdualpowerfeed Display the current setting of dual power feed mode
showenvironment Display temperature, voltage and fan speed information
showhardconf Display information about field replaceable unit (FRU) installed in the system
showlocale Display the current setting for the XSCF locale
showlocator Display the state of the CHECK LED on the operator panel
showlogs Display the specified log
showmonitorlog Display the contents of monitoring messages in real time
shownotice Display copyright and license information for XSCF and XCP
showpowerupdelay Display the current settings for the wait-time before system startup
showresult Display the exit status of the most recently executed command
showshutdowndelay Display the shutdown wait time at power interruption of the UPS
showstatus Display the degraded Field Replaceable Units (FRUs)
showtimezone Display the XSCF time zone and Daylight Saving Time information of current settings
snapshot Collect and transfer environment, log, error, and FRUID data
switchscf Switch the XSCF unit between the active and standby states
testsb Perform an initial diagnosis of the specified physical system board (PSB)
unlockmaintenance Forcibly release the locked status of XSCF
version Display firmware version XCP
viewaudit Display audit records